Repointing Chimneys to prevent water leaks

Repointing Chimneys to prevent water leaks

They still point to the sky their red brick heads, vestiges of an industrial heritage Angoumois in lost in the dungeons of history … Remarkable from afar, the two chimneys of Marquet Island and the Nile Island are inseparable from the cityscape of Saint-Cybard district. However, the two lookouts tremble on their bases and, to tell the truth, if one looks closely, would lean dangerously.


The relative fragility of these prominent phallic monuments has been troubling the municipality for some time. To the point that she ordered, in 2008, the company Vincent BTP de Champers a diagnosis on the condition of the chimneys. This company also had the mission to propose technical solutions to allow the builder to keep its two turrets of red bricks.


One in two

“According to the report, we will look at the solutions to be made for consolidations,” said in 2008, Françoise Couchant, the assistant for sustainable development, for whom it was out of the question to dismantle the two twins: “They represent part of our story. ”


More than two years later, the municipality of Angouleme is preparing to officially request, tonight, the inscription to the historic monuments of the only chimney of the Nile. Obtaining a ranking would give the City the opportunity to apply for state subsidies for restoration…


But then, why register a single building chimney pointing, that of the Nile? “It’s a question of consistency with the history of the paper industry. This fireplace is one of the last visible signs. The Marquet Island chimney belonged to a factory that made plaster, “reports Florent Gaillard, the director of municipal archives.


An argument that leaves Françoise couchant marble: the ecologist assistant to the mayor would have liked that the two chimneys are the subject of a request for classification. She was not heard. “The chimney of Marquet Island is just as remarkable as the chimney of the Nile,” says the elector who wonders why the renovation of the chimney of Marquet Island would be deprived of potential additional funding: “This will be the subject a question in City Council. ”


An assistant in charge of the file, answers already: “The renovation of a chimney is expensive, between 100 and 120 000 euros. We prefer to start by renovating one, one that is in cohesion with the world of paper. Access to the other chimney has been secured for the moment … The chimney of the Nile will have to be slightly shortened. It will remake a metal belt on the entire barrel. But also dismantle and reassemble the weakened chimney head. ”


For the record, the chimney of the Nile, which culminates to ten meters of height, was part of a boiler room. It dates from the end of the 19th century. It operated almost until the end of the paper mill activity in 1972. Left abandoned, the buildings of the stationery were bought by the City in 1979. Their rehabilitation for the School of Fine Arts and the paper museum took place in the 1980s…


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