Picking the right builder for the works on my home

Picking the right builder for the works on my home

Whether it is a complete builder or several builders who will take turns on your job, you will call on one or more companies to give substance to your project. Here’s how to make your choice relevant.



Let’s start with the four essentials to check before you decide:


– Ensure you have local trusted Builders who are legally evolving under the contract for the construction of a detached house (CCMI). This will guarantee the respect of deadlines and fixed costs;


– Ensure that the builder is able to provide you with proof of insurance, underwritten to cover any damage and damage caused on and during the construction site;


– Ensure the availability of the manufacturer in due time. Some are very busy and may not be available at the right time on your job;


– Lastly, if the builder concerned has references such as the ” NF Maison Individually  ” mark in the association, this represents a significant advantage. You will then have additional proof of his seriousness and the quality of his work.


Ask for different opinions


When you have gone around the various points above, it will be time to compare different manufacturers in detail.


To do this, ask for different opinions remains unavoidable, even if you go to various “open doors”, including the visit of several houses, can always be interesting.


But how to find other relevant opinions? First of all on the internet. Many sites or forums take the advice of owners who have used your potential builder (s). All are not good to take into account (beware of false profiles), but word of mouth is always a safe bet.


In addition, be aware that a blacklist of builders of single-family houses was created by the association of assistance to individual owners in order to limit at best the scams set up by malicious manufacturers. It remains that said for profit (120 euros for membership) and its objectivity is not total.


You can also contact the Departmental Agency for Housing Information (ADIL) in your area for additional information.


Finally, the opinion of the LCA is essential. The LCA-FFB (The Building Manufacturers of the French Building Federation) brings together a panel of builders offering numerous guarantees. If your builder is a member of this Union, you will be sure that they are real professionals.


Here is the list of the different guarantees included in the ACL: 

– The security of a regulated contract;

– The certainty of a fixed price;

– The certainty of a precise estimate of the work you would like to do on your own;

– The guarantee of the respect of the rules of the Code of the Construction and the Habitation;

– The certainty of obtaining several legal guarantees: the delivery guarantee, the guarantee of perfect completion, the guarantee of good operation or the ten-year guarantee.


Quickly compare multiple builders


Finding the right builder for building your future home is not easy! The best solution: compare quotes and services offered by different manufacturers. Discover now our comparison service online.


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