Meditation changes the body and the mind

Meditation changes the body and the mind


According to the data released by a scientific study it has been proven that conscious meditation reduces an indicator of harmful inflammation, even after four months


Meditation is fashionable. As soon as you tell someone that you have a problem, rare is the occasion when they do not recommend you practice it. It does not matter if the problem is mental or physical. Meditation or mediation?


Sometimes, the insistence of the people leads us to reject an idea of a plane. However, would not it be more interesting to ask yourself why so many people agree in advising you the same thing?


The interest in oriental cultures has brought to the forefront the importance of the power of ideas. And they are the center of our existence.


It is true that eating and physical exercise facilitate the best functioning of our body.


However, it is also true that when our emotions are not balanced, the brain secretes substances that change our body and our mind.


Thus, it is possible that physical ailments or thoughts that make life difficult for us. In this sense, meditation is a great help to keep us healthy.


Until recently, the awareness of this has been accompanied by personal experience. What happens to one.


Today we have taken another step: a scientific study has confirmed the benefits of doing this activity.



The study on meditation rules out the placebo effect


One of them consists in thinking that the welfare that is felt is due more to a suggestion from the one who practices it than to real effects.


To avoid this issue, he created two groups.


In one, meditation was really carried out, while in the other, a process of simulation of it was developed.


First, it gathered 35 men and women who had high levels of stress for medation child issues, because they did not have a job.

All of them underwent blood tests and brain scans.

However, they only took half of them to a retreat center so that they could learn to meditate consciously. With the rest, a false one was carried out, based on relaxation and distraction techniques.


The result was striking. All of them affirmed that they felt more positive in relation to their situation.


On the other hand, the conclusions of the analyzes and the tomographies were very curious.


There were only alterations in the people who had meditated. In the others, everything was the same.

The team explains that greater brain connections were detected in the areas responsible for managing stress, generating calm and tranquility.

In addition, these changes were visible four months after retirement, even though few had introduced her into her later routine.


In addition to what happened in the mind, they found that an indicator of inflammation was smaller than before the investigation.


This shows that the benefits of mindfulness go beyond what it might seem.


However, the team director warns that the exact scope of their benefits cannot yet be determined.


In any case, the discovery is enough to multiply the efforts of scientists in this regard.


It is no longer about the impressions of Buddhists or self-help consumers who do not know how to warm up.


On the contrary, we have proof that conscious meditation improves our quality of life. In addition, the fact that four months later endure their effects implies that it is an activity that helps us in the long term.


Taking into account the number of harmful elements to which we are exposed without being able to do anything, it seems reasonable to bet on this option.

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