How to Find Tenants for Your House

How to Find Tenants for Your House

How to Find Tenants for Your House

Decided you wanted to move away from your home and live somewhere else for a while? Hey, that’s awesome! It’s always a great experience to move around and try new things. While your home is empty, I’m sure you’ve thought of renting the place out to tenants in order to make a bit out of it. Oh, you’re not sure where to find them? Well, don’t worry; it’s much easier than it sounds!


The first step on your way to finding decent tenants is to advertise your place! You can place an advert on the property grounds, or if possible somewhere in town. The advert should have gorgeous shots of your house and the surrounding scenery, as well as details about it; the size, number of bedrooms, plus estimated cost per month. This way, if someone contacts you about your house, you know they have a genuine interest because they already have all the facts. You can also post your advertisement online. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to simply post your advert on social media and ask your friends to share it to their friends, who share to theirs, etc. This way you may even know someone who is friends with the people who sign up to rent your house. Another way is to find a company that is willing to advertise for you. This way may bring in more options for tenants, but it will cost you for the company’s services.


Be Prepared for Tours

Now that you have some people interested in your place, you should be ready and willing to allow them a tour of your house at any time of day. The majority of people wish to see the place they are renting first hand. If you keep your place neat and tidy, this will improve your chances of a client accepting your rental agreement. If potential tenants take the time to come visit your home and find it in a messy state, it’s a real turnoff. They will find it more difficult to imagine themselves living there if it is messy.

Hire a Rental Agent

You may be around for the initial tenants who are looking into renting your house; however, once you’ve moved to wherever it is you plan to go, you will need someone to look after the place for you and make sure that the contract agreement you signed with them is honoured. A rental agent is capable of checking in on tenants in terms of making sure they are taking care of the property, as well as making sure they pay their monthly bill. A rental agent is also able to take care of finding new tenants should the initial tenants decide to move on at the end of your contract with them. If you are still living nearby, you may wish to look after things on your own; but even in this case having a rental agent can still take a lot of the strain off your shoulders.

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