Considering Building a Home Photography Studio?

Considering Building a Home Photography Studio?

Exploring Studio Photography

Photography is a hobby or pastime that offers enormous scope for the growth in the skills of the individual who has chosen to capture the world through the lens.

One would think that in this age of the Internet that traditional photography would have faded in importance and algorithms would replace the human eye and feeling for art as the primary source of images to be used online and elsewhere.

The truth is very different.

Great photography is still reliant on the human touch and feel for the subject matter, whether that be wildlife photography, fashion or even black and white photography.

For those who are motivated to take their photographic efforts to a new level setting up a studio is sometimes the next logical step in their growth as a photographer, either to simply enjoy the studio experience where control over a variety of factors is possible or to explore taking up photography as a profession.

For those wishing to set up a studio, it would be valuable to understand the various types of photography that are standard within the studio environment.

Firstly there is portrait photography. This remains the mainstay of many studio-based photographers. Then there is studio photography that supplies images that will be used in advertising and marketing. The controlled environment of the studio is absolutely essential when it comes to the production of commercial grade advertising images. This specialised field has become even more exciting as developments in editing software and other digital technologies have advanced. The studio photographer specialising in this field may find it useful to familiarise themselves with the latest advances in digital editing. This will allow them to offer value-added services and maximize profit. A subsection of advertising and marketing photography is still life photography.

This is primarily used to supply images used in brochures and below the line advertising material. There is also an enormous demand for stock photo images that will be used on websites and other online channels.

“Fashion photography is another skill set that relies heavily on the studio environment.”

For those wishing to set up a private or even home-based studio, there are some essential pieces of equipment that will have to be sourced. That equipment will depend on whether the photographer chooses to have the studio floor or ceiling based.

That decision will impact on the types of lighting that are employed in the home photography studio. Each has its particular advantages and challenges.

It goes without saying that a great camera is required. In this day and age of the digital image, a good studio will also have to ensure that the operator has an adequate supply of all the equipment that is required to take advantage of the digital photography revolution. A good digital studio should have high-quality digital scanner, printers and copiers. A powerful computer loaded with the latest editing software is also highly recommended.

Lighting requirements will differ depending on the type of photography that will be undertaken. Portrait photography and fashion photography, as well as advertising and product photography all, have different lighting requirements.

Studio photography is a fascinating pastime. However, it is also a potentially lucrative career. If you are a budding photographer who wants to take their skill to new levels then further investigation of the possibilities of a studio is a great idea.

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